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Chicago Artist Nancie King MertzKeeping track of available retail, restaurant and office properties can be an overwhelming chore. Findzall can manage your Available Properties and update this important list. We make sure that it can be easily found and navigated on your community web site.

Categorizing what businesses you have helps determine what shops and restaurants that you don't have. Let Findzall create a Commercial Inventory Summary to help you find what's missing in your town. The perfect new business could be driving around your town right now! Findzall offers strategies to manage those leads and turn them into thriving shops and restaurants. Findzall supports your community/economic development team with:

Findzall streamlines your business recruitment process by organizing all of the information that is needed to attract business to your community. Every town needs an accurate, current available property listing. Many prospects are driving around looking for sites and using their smart phones to access information. Our strategies make it easier for brokers and prospective shop and restaurant owners to find all they need to know about opening a business and finding a location for it on your web site. Findzall will:
  • Create and maintain an Available Property List.
  • Analyze your web site to make sure that it includes all of the information needed to attract new business.
  • Provide a direct link to the business section of your town's web site on the Findzall web site so that it is easy for brokers to locate available properties for their tenants.
  • Compose a property owner annual letter informing them of business attraction strategies.
  • Create a quarterly Enewsletter for brokers, property owners and prospective tenants with a link to the available property list and news about incentives, new business openings and development opportunities in your town.
  • Review and advise on current new business incentives.
  • Produce a shopping center guide for major retail centers.
  • Provide a listing sheet template.
  • Advise on "For Lease" sign guidelines.
Elmhurst, IL
Available Properties and Redevelopment Opportunities managed by Findzall.

Below is a complete listing of available properties and redevelopment opportunities in Elmhurst, IL. Properties are organized by area and by category including restaurant, retail, office/industrial and redevelopment opportunities. Note that the icons are color coded: Red = Restaurants, Green = Retail, Blue = Office/Industrial and Yellow = Redevelopment Opportunity/Building for Sale. Click on the property listing for a complete description, contact information and directions. Use the arrows at the upper left side of the map to pan up, down, left and right (North, South, East and West). Use the plus and minus signs to zoom in and out. For assistance in finding a location for your business in Elmhurst please contact Cathy Maloney at 630-258-3900 or email
CommunityWalk Map - Elmhurst Available Properties
Attracting new business to your community begins with a benchmark study of the existing business climate. Findzall creates a commercial inventory summary that will make it easy to analyze your business mix and identify what's "missing" from the community. At a glance it will be easy to see how many shops, restaurants, banks, salons and service uses you have and how many available properties there are in each business district of your town. Findzall recommends that this important analysis be done on a yearly basis.

Shop and restaurant owners begin their search for a new location in a myriad of different ways. Some start searching on the internet, others call the local chamber of commerce and many visit different towns and talk to shop employees. Some use a broker and some don't. Findzall works to gather up all of those scattered leads and seeks to connect with every prospect that enters your town. We provide strategies on how to manage leads by inviting potential business owners to meet with us, discuss the benefits of locating their business in your town and offer tips on how to make their shop or restaurant successful once they open. We encourage them to join the local business association, chamber of commerce and to get involved in committees and events. We also contact boutiques and restaurants that are missing from your business mix and invite them to open a location in your community. Findzall acts as an extension to your economic development team by being that critical liaison, securing leads so they don't go elsewhere.
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